Project goals

MIRIADE will integrate biomarker discovery data from multiple platforms and develop a Dementia Disease Map to enhance biomarker identification (Work Package 1). We will develop assays for prioritized biomarkers (Work Package 2), and selected markers will be clinically validated (Work Package 3). We will study pre-analytical stability and validate against regulatory requirements (Work Package 4) and develop a roadmap for optimal biomarker development (Work Package 5). MIRIADE will thus establish an innovative, biomarker-focused, cross-sectoral research and training program that will equip early stage researchers with a unique combination of skills in big data analysis, biomarker assay development, innovation management, and a thorough understanding of medical needs. This program will provide a new task force of scientists that are optimally trained to the accelerate the biomarker development for dementias and able to progress effective biomarker tools to the clinic. In addition to the research work packages, MIRIADE includes dedicated work packages on education and training (Work Package 6), dissemination (Work Package 7), project management (Work Package 8), and ethics (Work Package 9).

Work packages MIRIADE